Kenneth  L.  Gardner,  a  graduate  of   Rutgers   College   of   Engineering   specializing  
in structural design, worked on various design projects with the late Herbert Belton, A.I.A.
For more than 20 years, Mr. Gardner has built design and marketing models of some of
the  most  prominent  construction  projects  in New York and New Jersey, including The
Trump Organization, The Related Companies, and The Macklowe Organization.
Herbert  Belton  was  a  junior  architect  on  the original Emery Roth & Sons World Trade
Center team.  Later  in  his career, Mr. Belton was a project manager at New Jersey Bell,
manager  of  design and construction at AT&T, and worked for Johnson Jones Architects
in Princeton,  N.J.  He  was  licensed  in  New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.
Mr. Belton died on November 29, 2005.
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